GRAMMAR Beginner

  • Lesson 1   Katy’s Café

    The verb be
       How are you?
       I’m good.
    this that   
       Is this seat free?
       Who’s that guy?
       I’m a musician
       How’s the coffee?

  • Lesson 2   Candy’s Boyfriend

    The verb like  
       like this music.
    Adjectives:  bigstrong
       The big guy.
       He’s very strong.
    Possessive adjectives:  my, your
       What’s your name?
       My name is Rico.

  • Lesson 3   Italian Boots

    The verb need
       need a pair of boots.
       Do you like these brown boots?
       Can I see those white boots?                      .
    Adverbs:  very/so
       These boots are very stylish.
       Why are they so expensive?

  • Lesson 4   Dinner’s Ready!

    The verb want
       Do you want more chicken?
       Please sit down.
       Please pass the bread.
    Conjunction:  and
       Chicken and potatoes.

  • Lesson 5   Big Money

    Present continuous
       What are you doing?
       I’m waiting for a friend.
    There is
       There’s a free concert today.
    Telling time
       What time is the concert?
       Three o’clock.

  • Lesson 6   Wonderful Miss Deeds

    The verb have
       have a headache.
    some / any
       I have some water.
       I don’t have any water.
    Adverb:  too
       I’m too busy.

  • Lesson 7   Lulu’s Late

    Question with when
       When does the meeting start?
    How much… ?
       How much do I owe you?

  • Lesson 8   Calling from Paris.

    Prepositions:  from/for
       I’m calling from Paris.
       I’ll be here for three days.
    Present continuous
       Are you eating French food?
       I’m eating French fries.

  • Lesson 9   Betty’s New Hat

    There is There are
       There’s a big sale…
       There are so many hats.
    Question with which
       Which hat do you like best?
    Pronoun: one
       Do you like this one?
    Preposition:  like 
       You look like a movie star.

  • Lesson 10   Major Mouse

    Preposition:  with
       Can I speak with Jenny, please?
    Want to
       Do you want to go to a movie?
    Adverb:  enough
       Is twenty dollars enough?

  • Lesson 11   The Art Museum

    Giving directions with imperatives
       Turn right on Second Avenue.                         
    Prepositions:  in/on/at
       This is my first time in America.
       The Art Museum is on Main St.
       Have a good time at the museum.

  • Lesson 12   Katy and Sam

    Adjective:  only
       I’m the only waitress.
    do and make    
       What do you do for a living?
       You make great coffee.
    Would you like… ?
       Would you like more coffee?

  • Lesson 13   Jim’s New Girlfriend

    What’s she like?
       She’s outgoing and a lot of fun.
    What does she look like?
       She’s tall and thin…
    Like to
       She likes to help people.
    Frequency adverbs:  alwaysoften
       We always have a good time together.
       She’s often late.

  • Lesson 14   My Daily Routine

    Simple present
       How do you get to work?
       I drive to work.
    Frequency adverbs:  usuallysometimes
       usually have cereal for breakfast.
       Sometimes I listen to music.
    Like + verb + -ing
       Do you like teaching?
    Have to
       I have to leave at 7:30.

  • Lesson 15   Your Family

    Conjunctions:  soor,but
       So your parents are pretty young.
       Do you have any brothers or sisters?
       Sarah’s kind of shy, but she’s smart.
    Possessive ‘s
       My brother’s name is Jack.

  • Lesson 16   Saint Petersburg

    There is / There are / There aren’t
       There’s a famous theater on my street.
       There are people and cars everywhere.
       There aren’t any parks in Fremont.
    How often… ?
       How often do you go to the park?
    Conjunction:  where 
       Is it busy where you live?