• Greet people
    Introduce yourself
    Start a conversation
    Describe your job
    Introduce someone
    Talk about things you like
    Offer to help someone
    Make requests
    Give your opinion
    Ask about prices
    Talk about food
    Describe what you are doing now
    Show interest
  • Describe how you are feeling
    Give advice
    Thank someone
    Give an excuse
    Ask for and give information
    Talk on the telephone
    Ask for and tell the time
    Talk to a salesperson
    Give compliments
    Make telephone calls
    Make and accept invitations
    Ask for help
  • Ask for and give directions
    Show you understand
    Say good-bye
    Get to know someone
    Make suggestions
    Talk about your job
    Talk about your daily routine
    Talk about how you get to work
    Talk about your family
    Describe people’s appearance
    Describe people’s personality
    Talk about your town or city
    Talk about the weather