GRAMMAR Advanced Beginner

  • Lesson 1   It’s an Emergency!

       Come here!
    How much…?
       How much do you charge?
    Modal:  can
      Can you fix it?
       can fix anything.

  • Lesson 2   Apples for Louis

    Need to
      I need to buy some groceries.
    Could for requests
       Could you get some apples?
    What kind…?
       What kind of apples do you want?

  • Lesson 3   First Date

    Can for requests
       Can we sit at that table?
    Conjunction:  if
       Is it OK if we share the bill?
    Want to
      Do you want to go for a walk?

  • Lesson 4   Dr. Feelgood

    The future with will
       I’ll look at his schedule.
       You’ll be OK.
       Don’t do that!
       Take one tablet every four hours.

  • Lesson 5   Cora Benton

    Past of be:  was / were
      She was a good athlete.
       We were neighbors.
    Simple past:  regular verbs
       She played basketball.
       We lived on the same street.

  • Lesson 6   Peter and Felix

    Simple pastirregular verbs
       ate an apple.
       took the bus.
    Preposition:  until
       I read some magazines until two in the
    Conjunctions:  before / when
     I had two cups of coffee before I left the house.
    I made a big mistake when I bought my car 
       at Big Al’s.

  • Lesson 7   Computer Expert

    Object pronouns:  you, me, him, her
       For you, maybe.
       Not for me.
       I see him.
       I can’t talk to her.
    Relative clause with who
       Some women like guys who are serious.
    Adverb:  even
       I don’t even know her.

  • Lesson 8   Looking for a Job

    A lot of / much / many
       You have a lot of magazines.
       I have a lot of time to read.
       I don’t have much money.
       There aren’t many jobs.
    How much…?   How many…?
       How much sugar do you want?
       How many guests are there?
    a little / a few
       Just a little (sugar).
       Just a few (guests).

  • Lesson 9   San Francisco

    The future with going to
       Are you going to take the train?
       No, we’re going to drive.
    Conjunction:  when
       What are you going to do when you’re in
       San Francisco?
    Do you know where…?
       Do you know where you’re going to stay?

  • Lesson 10   That’s a Terrific Idea!

    Conjunction:  after
       What are you going to do after you
    Adverb:  yet
       I don’t know yet.
    Would like to
       I’d like to travel.
       Where would you like to go?
    Do you know what…?
       Do you know what I’d really like to do?

  • Lesson 11   Private Lessons

    Reflexive pronoun:  yourself
       Make yourself at home.
    Modal:  must
       You must be a very good teacher.
    Adverb:  so
       Oh, that’s so exciting!

  • Lesson 12   Business Lunch

    Modal:  may
       May I speak to Mr. Garfield?
    Indirect object pronoun:  him
       I’ll give him your message.
    Prepositions:  on / at
       Are you free on Tuesday?
       Let’s meet at 12:30.

  • Lesson  13   Car Trouble

    The future with will
       When will my car be ready?
       I’ll call a taxi.
    Will for requests
       Will you take me home, please?
    Pronoun:  one
       You need a new one.

  • Lesson 14   Saturday Night

    Present continuous for the future
       A friend of mine is having a party
       (Saturday night).
       Who’s coming to the party?
    Simple present for the future
       What time does the party start?
       It starts at eight.
    Modal:  should
       Should I dress up for the party?
    Conjunction: or
       You can dress up or just wear jeans.

  • Lesson 15   A Picnic in the Forest

    Past of can:  could / couldn’t
       Then you could relax.
       No, we couldn’t.
    Past continuous
       He was coming toward us.
    Pronoun:  ones
       We were the only ones there.

  • Lesson 16   You’re the Boss

    Preposition:  to
       She always comes late to work.
       I have to find a solution to this problem.
    Conjunction:  that
       What does she do that you don’t like?
       She complains that I give her too much work.
    Verb + -ing
       She’s always on her cell phone talking to her